What is happening to the bridges around the world??

There is something really happening to the bridges around the world. A few months back it is the bridge in the US. Lastbridge hyd month it is the bridge in China which killed nearly 35 people. And now it is the bridge in India that killed 15 people. This is a bridge that is in construction for the last two years. This bridge is said to use the latest technology of PRESTED CONCRETE. The scrafoldings failed to take the weight of the concrete slabs due to the monsoon rains. The poeple came in to take shelter under the bridge to escape the rains. In total eight slabs fell and it took a while between the first and the remaining slabs collapsed. so people had time to escape, else it might have been very devestating.

This happened at the Panjagutta junction in Hyderabad in southern Indian state of Andhra pradesh at around 7:30 Pm on sunday. But the rescue team only reached they and removed the rubble at 11:30pm which shows the inability on the local governement and the rescue services. The only reason that the officials say for the late response to the situation is unavaliability of the cranes in the city. This is the second disater in 3 weeks that struck hyderabed city. A fews weeks back a terrorist group has sparked fears by detonating twin blasts in the city. But this is upto the inability of the government of andhra pradesh that even failed in the rescue of the affected.

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