Watermark won’t show on a Table or Text box in MS Word

MS Word 2007- Watermark

MS Word 2007- Watermark

Last week someone asked for help with Watermarks in MS word. They are trying to place a watermark on a page with tables and text boxes. The problem they are having is that the watermark stays behind these tables and text boxes and won’t show the watermark properly.

The fact is that you can bring a watermark to the foreground when you have a textbox or a table. But there is workaround to get this done. You will need to insert a word art and make it transparent.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Click inside your Paragraph.
  2. Click the Insert Menu and then click WordArt.
  3. Use the WordArt style 1.
  4. Choose the Font and Size.
  5. Type your Watermark text (DRAFT, CONFIDENTIAL, etc).
  6. Click OK. (This will insert the WordArt into the Paragraph / Page).
  7. Right click on the WordArt and click Format WordArt.
  8. In the Line section, choose No Color.
  9. In the Fill Section choose a Gray shade and set the transparency as you need.
  10. Go to Page Layout Tab and click the Text wrapping button, choose In Front of Text. (This will send the WordArt to the bottom of the page).
  11. Select the WordArt and drag it to where you want it.
  12. Click on it to resize and rotate (See the image below).
  13. You can still adjust the color and transparency by right clicking and choosing Format WordArt.
Rotate WordArt - MS Word

Step 12: Rotate WordArt

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