what happened to Dubai’s Bubble City?

Dubai Bubble City

Dubai Bubble City

At the end of 2007, i posted about Dubai’s Bubble city. It was just an article in the News paper. Three years after I posted it, i thought I would revisit it as most of my blog traffic is heading to this post. Around 15% of the traffic coming in is heading for Bubble city on my blog. I have been watching this trend for the past few months and started to gather stats. The findings are a surprise to me, a quarter of all the traffic on my blog is looking for Bubble City. Back in 2004-05 it created sensation when Dubai announced that it will create a city that will be suspended in air. Everybody thought that it was attract interest in tourists. But later the authorities confirmed that it will be suspended 200 meters above the ground, powered by helium. With the Global Economic downturn, realty bubble bust around the world. So did this Bubble city. A recent report by EFG-Hermes regional investment bank states that Dubai is buried deep in debt of around $170 billion and would take at least a few more years to recover. Until then this bubble city is grounded.

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