Mark Zuckerberg unveils Facebook Timeline. Google+ what next?

The fight between Google+ and Facebook is intensifying with both coming up with new features almost every week. Google has worked on improving Huddle, which will allow users to communicate via their computers webcam. Recently Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook Timeline, which will totally change the way you view a profile page. Facebook team has worked on this feature for a year to make the profile page visually.

Scrolling down a person’s Timeline reveals posts, photos and other events. The Timeline sort’s content based on algorithms and users can fill in gaps in their Timeline at any time. Older content is less frequently shown the as you scroll down the Timeline.

Video from TelegraphTV

Given all the features, i am still not impressed by the privacy settings and they way Facebook handles your personal info. I trust Google, for its policies in handling user content and personal info. At least Google does not sell your details to third parties like Facebook does. Google+ has just only allowed public registration and needs a lot of work making the interface better and sharing post on to other networks.

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