Unboxing the Blue Yeti Microphone

I bought a new Blue Yeti Professional Microphone in November. It a nice piece of equipment for someone in eLearning profession like me. I have been using it to record voice overs for my eLearning modules. Previously i had been using a HP headset to record voice and also for my podcasts. The cost is dear compared to other mics available in the market, but Yeti gives the best settings and the output.

Blue Yeti Microphone

Blue Yeti Pro Microphone at Work

It has a built in tri-capsule array which are 14mm tuned condenser capsules.  The base of the Microphone has soft rubber to give grip and reduce noise.  The base is also very convenient for managing USB, microphone and headset cables. The stand and the main mic units are connected by knobs on both sides, which can be used to clamp pop filter. The bottom of the microphone has a standard threaded mic stand mount, USB mini jack and a headphone output with an amplifier supported by volume control.

The front of the Microphone has the Yeti logo, Mute button and a master volume control. The back side of the mic has two controls, Gain control and pattern selection control. You can select one of the patterns cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional & stereo as it suits your needs.

Watch me unbox the new Blue Yeti Pro:

Unboxing the Blue Yeti Microphone from Chowdary Kodali on Vimeo.

Yeti features only digital output, which is set to 16 bit/48 kHz. The only drawback is that this sample rate is not user-definable.

I have recorded a lot voice-overs for my elearning modules i create. So far all is good and the audio quality is better than before (recoding with an HP headset). One thing i noticed is that, Yeti picks up very minute noise in the room, so i reduce the Gain while recording. I don’t have a professional recording studio, but my recordings with Yeti are of studio quality. :)

For a full list of Technical Specs please visit the official Website. http://www.bluemic.com/yeti/#/specs/

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