Vodafone Service Fail!…..

Indian has one of world’s largest mobile subscriber base. New connections are adding at a very fast rate, something around 192. 56 million in 2010. This is a whopping 49% increase compared to 2009.

The total number of telephone connections in India now stands at 621.28 million at the end of 2009 financial year. The sad thing is that the overall teledensity stands at 53%. TRAI Aual report 2009-10

The call rates vary anything between Rs 0.30 to Rs 1 (0.09 cents US). How can the mobile operators charge you so less and still make a fortune. They compromise on service quality.

After being with Vodafone for 2 years, I had to move to Idea Cellular. I had to battle with the Vodafone Customer Service regarding my bill. Vodafone wrongly billed me during December 2010 and May 2011. I had to call the Vodafone accounts every month to correct the errors in the billing, most of them were corrected. Vodafone activated ISD packages and Vodafone Live TV packages, which were never requested by me. During the month of May they even charged me 1000 rupees for internet usage. Their connectivity is also a bit crappy in Hitec city, Hyderabad. Mobile internet also had problems switching between towers. I was fed up with their service and decided to port out to Idea Cellular in August, to which Vodafone refused to let me go. Vodafone held up my request for porting numerous times and finally had to walk into their store and request them to let me move out of Vodafone.
Finally on 25th December moved to Idea Cellular. For some reason my HTC Wildfire shows Vodafone IN as the Signal name. Even after removing the SIM card and turning on the phone it still the same. Mobile companies spend billions on acquiring 3G and 4G licenses, but show very less interest in improving customer satisfaction. I would have stayed with Vodafone if they have showed little interest in resolving my billing and connectivity issues.

Click here to view the PDF link that has info about the Mobile porting process.

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