How to Podcast – Part 2 : Producing a Podcast


Producing a Podcast

This is where you actually start talking into a microphone and record your voice. Now I will explain various podcasting gear and podcasting software. We’ll also learn how to record your podcast and create an MP3 file in the Audacity Tutorial.

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Podcasting Equipment / Gear:
To get started you will need a computer with broadband Internet access, a mic and headphones.


You can record a podcast with the built-in microphone of your laptop or some external headset microphone. This way the sound quality will not be the greatest. If you want the best sound quality you will want get a nice studio quality dynamic microphone. If you plan to conduct interviews with two or more people using one microphone, an omnidirectional mic would be needed. The Blue Yeti professional is an all-purpose microphone that will do the job and would be in a podcaster’s budget. Podcasters who plan to record in the field or record musical performances might have different mic requirements.

Sound Card
Simple podcasts can record directly into the computer’s sound card, especially if you only use one microphone. This may require some adapters to match the plug on the mic to the input on the sound card.
The soundcard itself is another important consideration. Be aware some low-quality sound cards introduce a lot of extra signal noise due to electrical interference, or distort sounds at high signal levels. A lot of soundcards in the market offer additional inputs for simultaneous multi-track recording with specific software or mixers.

Audio Software
Software is an important element for recording for Beginners. I recommend using Audacity or any other audio software of your choice which allows you to set the proper recording levels, record the podcast and save it in a useful audio format. You sometimes need to save the audio in MP3 or wav, etc… You can also edit the podcast using software for mistake in recording or cut a single recording into multiple or attach together segments recorded at different times and places. Software will also help you manipulate the quality of the sound by using equalization filters, effects, noise reduction and volume adjustments.

Click here to know how to use Audacity.

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