How to record in Audacity

Audacity is an Opensource (free software) application used to record and edit digital audio. This software is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and BSD. We will use Audacity to record the audio and for post-production work to normalise, reduce background noise, trimming and adding various other effects. You can download Audacity by Clicking here. After you download the package, install it on your machine and install additional plug-ins as required. The most important ones will be Lame MP3 encoder, if you want the output in MP3 format.

Follow the instructions below to start recording (Make sure you are in a quite surounding to avoid background noise):

  1. Open Audacity
  2. Click Edit menu and click Preferences. Under Recording make sure Microsoft Sound Mapper – Input is selected as the recording device.
  3. Audacity Preference s - Audio IO

  4. Click the Quality Tab.
  5. Make sure the Default Sample Rate is 96000Hz and Sample Format is 32 bit. (This is default setting, you can change as you need)
  6. Audacity Preference​s - Quality

    Audacity Preference s - Quality

  7. Click ok.
  8. On the toolbar, make sure Rec. Playback is selected from the dropdown.
  9. Also make sure that the volume slider is to the max.
  10. Audacity Volume control bar

    Audacity Volume control bar

  11. Hit the recording button to start recording. Please give a 3-4 second pause before you start. (Helps remove the noise)
  12. Audacity Record Button

  13. You will see a wave form in the audio strip. Also you will notice a red bar flicker on the top tool bar.
  14. Audacity rocking red bar

    Audacity rocking red bar

  15. If you see a red bar at the end, then you voice is too high. Speak a bit lower. Also make sure that the bar does not drop below 50%.
  16. Audacity rocking red bar small

  17. If you have a record the script in parts:
    1. Stop the recording
    2. Click at the end of the strip
    3. Click record and start recording.
  18. You can name the audio strip by click on the down arrow and click Name…
  19. Audacity audio recording strip

  20. Once you are done, Click File menu and click Save Project.
  21. Click on File menu and click Export as Mp3.
  22. Select the location you want to save by naming the file and then click the Save button.
  23. Enter the ID3 tags for the MP3 file you just ceated and then click OK.
  24. Audacity ID3 tags info for MP3 file

    Audacity ID3 tags info for MP3 file


You can visit the Audacity Website for additional Documentations and Support:

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