How to Podcast – Part 3: Publishing your Show

Previously we have talked about planning and producing a podcast. We have also seen how to publish the podcast using Audacity. This is the continuation of the previous stage where you add show notes and title before you upload the podcast.

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Each and every time you have a new podcast episode. It’s a good practice to include notes of your podcast show in the blog post.  The show notes will provide the much need information to your audience by providing an outline/summary of what it contains. It is also very important to name your podcast with a relevant Title. A good title and notes will bring more visitors to your site and also will show up higher in the search results. This will also increase the credibility of your podcasts and will have more visitors subscribing, downloading and listening to your podcasts.

Show Titles and notes will entice listeners to visit your blog as they are the entry points. Good and relevant title/notes are the spine of podcasting.

You should consider the following points while preparing notes:

  • Provide a convenient outline of topics and links mentioned in your show
  • Bring new visitors to your site and turn them into listeners

Let’s get into a little detail on preparing effective show notes.

Prepare Summary for every show

When visitors look at your show notes, it should provide an overview/outline of the contents in the podcast. This will not only turn visitors into listeners, but will also help you in promoting your posts. The more people talk about your posts the more visitors to you blog.

You should start outlining your podcasts before you even start recording, then preparing notes should be fairly easy task. An Image speaks a million words. Yes it does for sure, if you look at the other popular podcasters, they all use images to promote their content. Images for sure will create interest and attract more visitors.

Another important part is to have a meaningful title of your Podcast and blog post. It works the same way as print media; you first read the headlines before you go into the content. If the headline does not interest you, then there is sleek chance you continue read the article in detail. The Title should be relevant to that episode and make people think and make the visitor want to listen to your podcast.

Know your Keywords

In this lost world of Search Engines, Twitters and Facebook’s, Keywords help your posts stand out in the search results. Visitors usually search with Keywords on the internet and you should think ahead what your potential audience might be searching for on the internet or your blog. If you have a Site traffic stats enabled on you website/blog, find what the visitors are looking in your posts and use those keywords in your show notes. This will help your site show in the top in a search for that keyword bringing more traffic to your site.

Relevant Links and Resources from Your Show

If you have to mention additional details like Names, Contact info, instructions to perform tasks and other such information, it is bit hard for listeners to remember such info while listening to the podcasts. What you can do is to provide this info in the blog post or in the notes. This way they can write it down or look for it later when they need. Also providing this kind of additional info will increase the credibility of content you post.

 Another nice idea is to use QR Code if you have to share contact info etc… Visitors can scan the code with their phones and also save the details to their phones address book. These small things will enhance the user experience on your blog.

I use

Follow the link to download the QR Code reader:


Link to the Media Files

It’s also a good idea to provide a link to directly download the MP3 for that episode in your show notes.

If you are using Libsyn or another blogging platform, you will need to refer to their help/support for info on posting to your blog and updating your feed.

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