How to set File Permissions in Active Directory.

Small and Medium sized Businesses might use the windows 2003 server for different kinds of roles like DNS, DHCP, File Server to name a few.  Sometimes it happens that users might connect to the server with Active Directory and with out AD.  So not all the Shared files can be modified, due to the Share/security  Permissions.

Follow the steps to add/modify share permissions:

  • Login to the Seever and open “Manage Your Server” windows from START Menu.
  • Then click on “MANAGE THIS FILE SERVER”

Manage your Server

  • Now you’ll see the File Server Management window. Right part of the window shows the folders that are being shared. Right-click on the folder that you want to set the permissions and click on properties.

File Server Management

  • Floder properties window pops up with four different tabs GENERAL, PUBLISH, SHARE PERMISSIONS and SECURITY. Click on Share Permissions tab and Select the user and select the access permissions that you want to set and click OK.
    **It is not advised to give Full Permissions on a folder, unless you it is necesary to do so.

Share Permission

  • If you don’t see any users in the previous step, then click on ADD and select users from the Active Directory.
  • Now type in the User name or the group name in “Enter the Object names to select” box and click on Check Names to Verify. And click OK.

Select Users in AD

  • If you want to set the permissions to all the users in Active Directory type in Users. If it is only for a specific Group of users them type the group name.These changes should take effect right away.
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