Piracy and the Indian Film Industry.

Say no to Piracy

Say no to Piracy

Indian film industry is the largest in the world. There’s more number of films produced every year than any other. Let alone Bollywood makes more films than Hollywood, and if you add Tollywood, Kollywood and all the regional languages the count is in thousands. There is new film being released every day on average and the anti-piracy campaign is a must for each of these films. In fact the producers stress more on the piracy issues than the film publicity. We have more number of screens than in the past; the audience have increased, ticket prices have gone up. But the duration of a films screened has come down drastically.

 Recently, a film producer announced a long list of gifts for reporting any piracy activity for this film. This is an example how much piracy has crippled the film industry. I believe that in the age of Smart Televisions and internet video streaming, there should be a way to deal with this. I mean there should be an easy way, if not we have the Dutch example. If it’s hard to tackle, make it legal.

Why can’t a film be released online on the same day it starts screening in the theatres? I remember this film by RP Patnaik, where he released it online through the TeluguOne Portal. You had to pay Rs. 60 to watch the movie. The movie can be watched anytime in the 24 hrs after the payment. But this is practically not possible in a country with very less broadband penetration. But at least it’s a start. And why can’t we make the pirated DVD legal, by selling them at double the price of the single movie ticket. The film producers get a share of the sale.

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