Is it Rocket Science to get School Buses In Ireland??

Every where i see and when ever i listen to the hot topic now a days is all about the carbon footprints. when a debate takes place on the Radio or on the tele, everybody is talking about the Carbon emmissions and what we should do to minimise this. When the Green Party got into the newly formed government a few months i hoped that Noel Dempsey(Minister for Transport) is goinna get Ireland Greener. I don’t know how greener ireland is goinna get, with out getting the basics right. He has been doing a great work by Increasing the Recycling Center’s in and around Dublin. But the biggest culprits in this modern world are the fosil fuel based vehicles.

In a country where the public transport is not so good and by which encourages it’s citezens to use their cars. I don’t complain abt this. But we need to teach our future generations how to cope this problem. Yes we need to educate the kids at school. Well the most funniest thing is that the schols in ireland don’t have School Buses and they are taugh to use cars to go to school(if not all of them, most of them).Everyday their parents drop their kids, increasin the amount of cars on the roads and there by pollution. This is a good example how an avareness is created amoung kids in ireland. Education starts at home. Why don’t the Schols in Ireland have school buses. Is it rocket science to get buses to irish Schools. When i was at schools i always used a bicycle, not just me 90% of the students used bicycles. Taking into consideration that Irish roads are worst for cyclists. So the best way get to school will be busses. So why don’t people realize this simple fact.

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