Cannot delete file: Cannot read from the source file or disk

Some folders that were created by a third party applications or a spyware will cause this Error.  These type of folders can not the deleted nor renamed from the windows GUI. But if you look at the folder name it does not have any a name and is blank. These cannot  be deleted from the command prompt directly. This happens because of the Wired Naming Conventions in DOS called “Short Names”.

Follow these steps to resolve this Issue:

  1.  Go to START menu click RUN.
  2. Type CMD in the box and click OK/OPEN.
  3. Change Direectory to go to the problem Location. ( * The commands are explained below)
  4. Type dir /x /a (This will give you the contents of the Directory with Short Names).
  5. Find the courpted/ bad directory and rename it.( ** The commands are explained below)
  6. Close the Command line window.
  7. Browse to the folder and Delete the folder that you just Renamed.

*Command to Change Directories: Type CD.. to move up one level. Type CD foldername to move down one level within the directory you are currently in. Type CD\foldername\foldername\foldername to move to a specific folder within the drive you are currently in.

** To rename a folder: Type ren currentfoldername newfoldername

Click here to learn more abt DOS commands

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