Lets go Electric!

Hi. I’m dissapointed that here in Ireland there is only one place that i’m aware of that you can buy an electric car. Its the Reva, which is made in India. It retails at about €14k, which for a very small car is a lot, i think. Also the shop that sells them make no effort to advertise them, which i think is odd. Anyway, we have a long way to go here before there is any interest in the electric car. People in Ireland dont seem to realise that the oil is running out and since we import about 90% of our energy, thats even worse news for us.

The electric car has a long and chequered history, too long to go into it here. Its time will no doubt finally arrive but will it be too late? The oil and car company’s all have a vested interest in keeping the world addicted to oil consumption as there are something like 1.15trillion barrels left. That equals trillions of dollars for Exxon, BP etc.

Hydrogen cars are not a viable alternative,  they are decades away from being properly developed on a production scale and are way too expensive. On the other hand, battery technology for electric cars has recently improved greatly in terms of the journey lengths possible, the speed and th recharge times so the time to go electric has already arrived!

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