Pictures from Mahashivarathri

Recently i have been to my hometown(ponnur) for Mahashivarathri. Being it a long weekend it was busy and fun. It used to be more fun during my childhood days to be at the Govada temple, which is around 10 KM from my hometown PONNUR. I have visited this place after a very long period, i think it is nearly 9 or 10 year back i last visited this temple. It is equally busy(jam packed roads with people and vehicles) this year as ever before and the templewas beautifully decorated with lamp. But the only disappointing things is that there were no Prabhalu at all. All in all i was only able to find not more than half a dozen prabhalu during the night. My best part was the Sugarcane vendors along the streets and the i spent bargaining for the best deal. For more check my slideshow below.

I have compiled a slideshow with some pictures i took at the temple.

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