Tendulkar looks at ODI Retirement !!

SachinWhen ever the mighty indian cricket team plays at home or away, it’s only one name that makes the News Sanchin Tendulkar. He is not only a hero in the Sub-Continent but to all the Cricket lovers around the world. I was amused to see him play in Ireland during the southafrican Series. But the bad new struck whole crickting nation as Sachin was thinking to retire from ODI’s. Well Sachin’s retirement news din’t suprise me a lot than india winning the match. hi hi hi. Sachin has been thinking over his cranky form after the recovery form his injuries. He showed clear sign of form in the UK. This is what that makes me so sad. There are players like Steve Wagh who played the ODI Cricket even thru his late 30′s. But at a point when the critics wanted Sachin to retire when he is not in good form, will they say sachin not to retire.
Accourding the to the Sources from Cricinfo Website, sachin wants to announce his retirement in front of the home crowd after the australian and the pakistan Series. As quoted by Cricinfo “Sources close to Sachin Tendulkar said he was inclined to announce his retirement on this tour but was persuaded by friends to do so at home” Earlier this week, he told the Times of the toll one-day cricket was taking on his body. “I enjoy every moment I have on a cricket field, but the recovery times between games these days are difficult, especially for one-day internationals, and that’s my major obstacle,” he said. “It does take its toll on the body. When you are 22 or 23, you recover a lot more quickly. But at 34, it’s not so easy.”

This is one of the comment posted by an Indian Ceicket fan “The game of Cricket without “Master Blaser!… Indian cricket team without sachin? I t cant imagine that. I watched this lad playing for india since my childhood and I just cant digest an indian team without him. He’s such a phenomenal player. I have been a major Tendulkar fan all my life. I switch off the TV when Sachin gets out. I might even stop watching cricket after he leaves.” All we can say is that player come player go, but legends LIVE. Hope sachin leave the ODI arena on a high note with the home series.

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