My Open Reply to Vami’s e-mail : Republic day gift by Congress Govt – A tragic republic day

I received this email from Vamsi late on 25th January. Instead of replying just to vamsi, I thought I would post an open reply. I you are an Indian national or following the BJP rally to Hoist the national flag at LalChowk, you would be aware of the background story to some extent. If not let me give you some background before I start.

Flag hoisting at Lal Chowk began when militancy was at its height in the state in 1991. Murli Manohar Joshi the then BJP leader took out the ‘Ekta Yatra’ from Kanyakumari to Srinagar, ostensibly to symbolise India’s assertion in an area where Pakistani flags were seen in a grim reminder of separatists’ defiance. Security forces used to have their own Republic Day celebration at Lal Chowk and distribute sweets and sing the national anthem, which would be followed by the hoisting of the Tricolour on the Clock Tower at the centre of the market. This 20 year old tradition has been broken in 2010 when the Omar Abdullah Government.

To start with, I am neither a diehard nationalist nor a socialist. Yes it all looks like a big joke when the citizen of a country is not allowed to move freely and hoist the national flag. One thing you should note here that this part of India is in conflict with Pakistan and lately with china. Yes most people in Pakistan and china, all nations around the globe will have a great laugh for that case. But most people in India just feel nationalist on Jan 26th and August 15th and not care anything rest of the year. Well people should laugh at themselves for being this way. Kashmir has slipped out of Indian control long back, when the Kashmir pundits were kicked out by force and terror. Forget about the separatists far far away from you. What are you able to do when you see people hoist Pakistani flags and burn Indian flags right in your backyard. Not just Kashmir, look at the”T” Issue for example. Are we not fighting with same people we lived together for ages!!!

This time around BJP had gone hi-tech and did a live webcast of the yatra in their website and Sushma Swaraj had constantly tweeted what was happening. Prime Minister commented that BJP leaders are trying to gain politically. Well yes any responsible opposition will do the same, to gain politically and question the government. Especially this corrupt UPA led government.

We have only see one side if the coin, We all know that Kashmir is one of the very sensitive places in India. it is true what Omar Abdullah fears, that this Tiranga Yatra will lead to need less provocation to the separatists and extremists. Last year during summer around 70 people are dead in clashes with the security forces. And the state doesn’t need another such incident. Kashmir valley has been quite for the last few months, and Omar has every reason to keep this peace by stopping the Yatra.

A country with such diverse cultures and faiths, it is not an easy job for the government. At least for this corrupt one.

Some content extracted from Indian Express and Times of India

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