The Great Himalayan Trek – Day 02

Day 02 of our journey has started quietly. Our first stop in the morning was in Bohpal. We tried to have breakfast at the station, but it was horrible. Instead we tried from the pantry car in the train itself. It was a lot better than the the previous. We also ordered lunch from the pantry car, which was good for 65 bucks. We reached Delhi on time and hired two autoricshaws to get to the bus boarding point. One rickshaw reached a few mins earlier. The one I was travelling in got lost. We had to call the bus driver s few times to get the directions. Even that did not help us, as the bus was parked hidden on a small road. Left Delhi @ 6:15 pm. Had a 30 min break for dinner just after Panipat in Haryana.

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The Great Himalayan Trek. Day – 01

Finally the day has arrived and five of my college friends have started our journey to mountain ranges of the great Himalayas. The first leg of our journey will be to New Delhi. We are on a train covering 1700 kms on 24 hrs. It is a bit hard for me to type on my HTC Wildfire, so I have posted an audio log on Audioboo about my day one activities. Please follow
the link to access the audio log.

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How to Podcast – Part 3: Publishing your Show

Previously we have talked about planning and producing a podcast. We have also seen how to publish the podcast using Audacity. This is the continuation of the previous stage where you add show notes and title before you upload the podcast.

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Each and every time you have a new podcast episode. It’s a good practice to include notes of your podcast show in the blog post.  The show notes will provide the much need information to your audience by providing an outline/summary of what it contains. It is also very important to name your podcast with a relevant Title. A good title and notes will bring more visitors to your site and also will show up higher in the search results. This will also increase the credibility of your podcasts and will have more visitors subscribing, downloading and listening to your podcasts.

Show Titles and notes will entice listeners to visit your blog as they are the entry points. Good and relevant title/notes are the spine of podcasting.

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MIT launches a free virtual learning initiative

eLearning at MIT

MITx new online learning

In November 2011 MIT has announced its plans to launch MITx to improve education on the MIT campus and thousands of other schools/universities around the world. This will enable learners in MIT and around the world to take the courses offered at MIT and also gain a certification.  The best thing is you get it all for free. Yeah you heard it right, ALL GRAITS.

 A decade ago MIT launched Open CourseWare (OCW) providing easy and free access to education worldwide. OCW was a big success as it provided audio, video and PPTs used in the respective classrooms. I personally have taken a few modules myself. But OCW lacked continuity as some course material in between were missing and some courses were very old (updated in 2001). I hope MITx will take care of this and hopefully will provide the complete course material. The motivating factor of all is that MITx will feature online laboratories and collaboration between learners and teachers/professors. You will have a chance to demonstrate your skills and earn a certificate by MITx. MIT plans to create a not-for-profit body to certify online learners. The certificate will carry a distinct name to avoid any confusion with the MIT’s campus degrees.

Currently there is only one course on offer “Circuits and Electronics (6.002x)”. This being run as a prototype course from the 5th of March 2012 and will run until the 8th of June 2012. More info is available on the course page. You can enrol to Circuits and Electronics (6.002x) course by clicking here. Follow MITx on twitter for updates @MyMITx .

How to record in Audacity

Audacity is an Opensource (free software) application used to record and edit digital audio. This software is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and BSD. We will use Audacity to record the audio and for post-production work to normalise, reduce background noise, trimming and adding various other effects. You can download Audacity by Clicking here. After you download the package, install it on your machine and install additional plug-ins as required. The most important ones will be Lame MP3 encoder, if you want the output in MP3 format.

Follow the instructions below to start recording (Make sure you are in a quite surounding to avoid background noise):

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